CIAO formally opened 18 October 2018

The land of Kárhóll is owned by a non-profit organization named Arctic Observatory ses which will provide necessary land, facilities, and operational services for the Arctic Observatory. Polar Research Institute of China (PRIC) will lease the land for the operations of the observatory.

The project at Kárhóll will positively impact its local environment, both culturally and economically. The centre is planned to be open to the general public and build a bridge between scientific research and daily life by operating a visitor´s centre dedicated to the aurora borealis.

The visitors centre will be a very welcome addition to the existing flora of service and recreation possibilities in the vicinity. A local non-profit organization, Arctic Observatory, has been established to provide facilities and logistics for the CIAO.

See also: Introduction about the project from senior scientist Hongqiao Hu from PRIC about the observatory. The introduction is from the summer of 2012 and was introduced on various occasions.

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